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  • Very modern styled console boat with perfect sailing properties.
    £ 9,995.00
    Spacious Tender Topcraft! The boat is a whopping 6:05 meters long and 2.45 meters wide and the interior is very spacious, with great width !!!! With a heavy outboard engine, speeds can be achieved over 50 kilometers per hour, so this Topcraft...
    £ 13,995.00
    Brilliant Tender, 4 mm aluminum of over 6 meters long and nearly 2.50 broad. Suitable for fast sailing, but also for relaxed cruising with the family. Standard entirely complete with control, complete navigation lights, built-in tank of 70...
    £ 14,950.00
    Built 1910 By Bonds of Maidenhead, Single Ametek 4.5kw Electric Motor with 8 Batteries, Blue Seat Cushions, Road Trailer, BSS Expires 24/4/2021, Overall Cover, Lines & Fenders.
    £ 28,950.00
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