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Oud Huijzer 616 Tender

Length: 6.16m. Width: 2.48 m. Max power: 50 pcs


Black, the color of the new Oud Huijzer 616, is the 'new' broken white for these type of day boats. It gives this tender a little threatening and the 616 makes a boat that fits seamlessly with Darth Vader's outfit. The boat has a full bow, a nice bump and above all a modern Langman cable ring that accentuates the lines.

Of the spacious six meter boat, only about two thirds are used for the interior. The rear third part is reserved for the swimming platform and the big motorbun. Under the curved valve, outboard motors fit from 15pk.

The test boat was equipped with a 50pk four stroke of Tohatsu, the only engine that produces exclusively outboard engines. It's a fun quiet, but also a cool engine. The boat is out of control because you send via a mono cable with the engine. When placing on a trailer it may be difficult to trim the engine completely.

The interior is simple and tidy, but in the floor besides the steering console there is a nice little trip. The polyester work is well finished, even in the storage areas below the benches. The backrests are high and the standard pillow case is good.

Behind the steering console is a double sofa, underneath the neat space for the fuel tank and the battery.

It is important that the engine underneath the hood gets enough oxygen and is well regulated. It is immediately noted that the Oud Huijzer 616 is easy to navigate. Unsigned, we are already 20 km / h and then the throttle is only halfway open. Volgas we note a top of 42 km / h. The boat bounces smoothly over the wrinkled water and lets everyone get aboard some pipe water.

Maneuvering is simple, as long as you keep gas. If you turn idle, you have too little pressure to make short turns and then the turning circle is large. As soon as you dare to gas, this problem has been solved, and the sluggish keff turns into a well-trimmed bouvier.