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Oud Huijzer 575 Luxury

This boat has STANDARD toilet, navigation lights in the hull, four lockable storage compartments, large round seat back of the boat, anchor hatch, stainless steel cleats, Dutch kwaliteitskabelaring, luxury seating and rugkussenset of high quality Sunbrella containing the best quality polyether obtainable at the moment !


The Oud Huijzer 575 Luxury is a true top of the old-fashioned Oudhuijzer brand, because we have the corridors To let you skip, you have a lot of living space in this ergonomically arranged sloop. At the back you have the Possess a spacious rear seat with spacious seating, while the front seat is very comfortable. This self-adhesive bow with bun has a Dutch make-up cable and a very luxurious seat and backbush kit Of Sunbrella with a high-quality high-quality polyether with a very high SG (specific gravity), which causes you to Many years of carefree enjoyment. Furthermore, there is a drying toilet, cooking appliance, LED navigation lights in the hull, 4 lockable storage compartments, anchor hatch and Stainless steel frogs to the standard equipment. In the bun fits a economical four-stroke outboard engine. This model comes standard with blue skirt and creme deck, brown cable ring, luxury blue seat and backrest set, Blue cabriolet hood with cockpit.