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Oud Huijzer 570 Tender

All complete boat with teak on the back stairs, stainless steel railing on the console, stainless steel railings rear hood, luxury seating and rugkussenset and fender !


This new model of Oud Huijzer, the 570 Tender, has become very beautiful. This boat is 5.70 meters long And 2.30 meters wide, which means that the stability and the characteristics are truly unique! Of course, you can sail this Tender with a 15 hp, for example, without a cruise, the beautiful waters of The Netherlands can explore, but greater motorization to 70 hp four-stroke is also possible !! With the Oud Huijzer 570 Tender you have a real all-round. You can ride it, enjoy yourself with your family, but Do you want to have a water skiing around your children, this would be a lot of motorization! The standard equipment is very complete and consists of: Luxurious seat and backrest set, Stainless steel railing on the console, Real teak on the steps, real teak on the back of both sides, many lockable storage compartments, Dutch Quality cable, complete heavy duty mono cable control, stainless steel rails on bonnet, stainless steel frogs etc