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Maril 880 Cabin

Manufacturer: Maril Boats
The experience of sailing the open gets an extra dimension with a sloop from Maril 8 series. Extremely luxurious and tastefully decorated with great living space. You are equipped on the water day and night.


Beauty combined with functionality.

Maril 8.80 The Cabin is a further development of the Maril 8.80. Maril 8.80 The Cabin is a quality boat with a cabin that is very functional in use. The boat has excellent sailing qualities and is fully equipped for multi-day trips on the water.

The open cockpit offers plenty of space for eight adults. In doing so high backs and the U-shaped bank for unprecedented comfort. So you can familiie with friends or enjoy the surroundings.

Behind the steering console, you have good view forward and Maril 8.80 Cabin respond directly and accurately to your steering movements. This makes it easy to maneuver in all situations. Besides comfort, extra attention is paid to safety. Via wide side decks and wide steps you can securely purchase and boarding.

Interior comfort and luxury

The interior features beautiful curves and superb classy finish. An interior that can be set to ones own taste through a choice of woods. Despite the low bridge clearance of 8.80 Maril Cabin is enough headroom to stand upright in the cabin.

 Meals? No problem. You have a two burner stove in the kitchen, which was further equipped with refrigerator, sink with running water. Maril 880 The Cabin has a lockable bathroom and a spacious lounge seat in the cabin. This can lounge seat with a few simple actions in a two-bed changed to stay warm and comfortable during multi-day cruises.Storage space for luggage is available in abundance.

Own taste

The color of the hull, deck, cushions and spray hood is to determine. Maril 8.80 The cabin is also providing many enhancements that make the boat sail still enjoyable. This allows you to example Maril 8.80 Cabin features (outdoor) shower with hot water, stainless steel bathing platform, Radio Ipod MP3 player with 4 speakers and navigation equipment. Thus you can the whole Maril 8.80 to suit yourself.

Maril Cabin 8.80 - Specifications

Length oa: 8.80m
Breadth oa: 3.47m
Draught: 0.70m
Cruising Altitude.: 1.65m
Weight: approx 3,750 kg
Persons: 16 people
Sanitary: Hand pump or electric toilet. toilet (both including holding tank)
Koelfacilteit: refrigerator
Cooking Facility: yes
Water Facility  yes (80 liters)
Sundeck  na
Sleeps 4 berths
Swimming ladder / platform Optional
Motor 33 to 200 hp
Number of cylinders 4 cylinders
Fuel diesel
Tankage 270 liters

Consumption *

* (Standard motorization 
and normal cruising speed)

2 liters per hour
Material polyester
Hull Shape spitsgatssloep
CE Quality Mark Polyester, DSM ISO-NPG Lloyds approved
CE certified for Category C
Virtual viewings are available on request

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