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Maril Boats

Bushnells offers an extensive range of new boats including Antaris, Maril, Makma and Fibrafort. We also offer Mariner Outboards.

  • This space is suitable for a wonderful day as well as for a longer stay on the water. The functional 7NXT is equipped with a lockable toilet in the tip and by providing the sloop with a (solar) bed, coolbox, sink and cooker are all preconditions for...
    The Maril 5 series is designed for intensive daily use, with boats made of durable material. Despite their compact size, these sloops contain a remarkable amount of space in terms of layout, ergonomics and storage. And the Maril 5 offers more than...
    £ 27,995.00
    The Maril 6 series offers the convenience, equipment and luxury of larger sloops At the same time, it gives you the advantage of a low vertical clearance and easyaccess to hard-to-reach places
    £ 29,995.00
    More space, and even more comfort. The Maril 650 has all the characteristics which you expect from a sloop.
    £ 31,995.00
    This elegant clinker sloop has an authentic appearance, a practical size and a divine finish
    £ 34,995.00
    Typical of the Maril 6 NXT is the functional door in the transom of the boat which provides access to the integrated swim platform. The width of the 6 NXT combined with the flat underwater hull provide a lot of stability and riding comfort. 6 NXT...
    £ 34,000.00
    The very spacious and elegant Maril 725 lets you enjoy great moments on the water with a group of 10 adults.
    £ 39,500.00
    Choosing the Maril 7 series means opting for a larger, roomy sloop that is perfect for spending days out on the water with family or friends. The Maril 7 models can be equipped with more powerful engines for enhanced sailing pleasure on open water.
    £ 42,000.00
    Meet the tender version in the Maril-7-series. The amazing classical design is combined with modern details and luxury features. The magnificent interior finish, its own cooking facilities, and a lockable toilet make this an exceptional tender.
    £ 49,000.00
    A sloop from the Maril 8 series gives you countless opportunities to enjoy the water. Every detail of the onboard experience is designed to create a homely environment that is ideal for sharing with friends and family
    £ 69,500.00
    The experience of sailing the open gets an extra dimension with a sloop from Maril 8 series. Extremely luxurious and tastefully decorated with great living space. You are equipped on the water day and night.
    £ 102,500.00
    Experience a whole new dimension to sailing on the open water with The Maril 950 with it's clever layout provides an exceptional amount of space and all the comfort you could hope for during day and night.
    £ 129,000.00
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